In 2009, Jason was playing catcher with the Pittsburgh Pirates. We were on our way to Miller Park for a game against the Milwaukee Brewers when he mentioned that he wished there was a glove he could wear under his mitt to protect his hand from the constant beating his pitchers were delivering. I knew exactly the sting he was talking about. We’ve both played baseball our entire lives, from Little League to the Major Leagues. Your glove hand takes a beating from the pounding of baseballs and softballs — especially when you’re a catcher who must unflinchingly put your mitt in position for 90 mph fastballs.

There were other gloves on the market, but they were bulky and covered the whole hand, killing the feel of the game at your fingertips.

We wanted to create a glove that would protect the hand while allowing players to still feel the mitt with their bare fingers. As players, we know that the thumb, middle, ring, and small fingers are responsible for closing the mitt, and that the index finger takes most of the impact.

We knew the glove would need to be of the highest quality and design, and perform for all players at every position. The glove would need to be form-fitting and lightweight, and become one with the player’s hand.

I drew a sketch on a napkin, then moved the design to a computer program. Soon we were researching impact gels and developing prototypes. Jason became our on-field tester and research lab, and his teammates noticed. One of his teammates, Jason Castro, wanted to try the glove. He ended up wearing the Forceout glove all season, and earned a spot in the 2013 All Star game for the first time.

Five years and many prototypes later, Forceout is the go-to protective inner glove on the market. Because quality matters, both adult and youth gloves are made of the same type of leather that the pros use. Forceout not only protects the hand but gives players confidence on the field. Our promise is to provide players of all levels with innovative and thoughtfully designed products that will keep you on the field throughout your career.

- Lee M. Jaramillo, Team Forceout

Podcast Interview